These products are fantastic. I have found them great for other problems too. Every fisher person, persons working outdoors, kids people with sensitive skin should be using these products to avoid the nasty reactions from bites that cause so much discomfort. PS also found it relieves sunburn.

Debby Durant

We recently took our first tube of ‘The locals’ to Vietnam to cover our young family as well as the biggest mozzie attractor in the world in the shape of my wife. Having a 1 year old we were keen to avoid any deet product and I have to say that this product was a pleasure to use as the scent was zesty and non chemical smelling. Most importantly it worked a treat 95% of the time. Yes we got a few odd bites however it was probably from having very sweaty skin and not reapplying more repellent when needed. The one evening I forgot to apply the repellent, I was seriously munched on as was my wife. Not something you want in a Vietnam. This product performs the best out of the non deet repellents we’ve tried and we’ve tried them all! We will be buying more to replace the many cans of Bushmans we own.

Ralph Barnett, Brisbane

love,love,love this product am throwing away all half bottles of every other product I have ever used and not been happy with. This is like putting on a luxurious moisturiser. I suffer from blisters and scratch in for weeks after being bitten from sandflies and midgies. This really works.

Jan Morrison, Swan Reach, Victoria

I took the cream to India last year and to the Amazon this year. It is amazing and all the other travellers took photos so they could order my “miracle cream”.

Gail, Western Australia

This stuff is amazing!! It really works. My daughter reacts badly to mosquito and sandfly bites, they seem to love her. I have tried Rid, Aeroguard, Off, and quite a few natural remedies. I was sceptical about yet another ‘natural’ remedy as the others I tried did not work. But I decided to give this one a go, and I am glad I did. It is the only product that keeps my kids bite free when they are at school & Kindy all day. And it has a lovely creamy texture and nice smell. I have run out of the tube I bought over a year ago (it lasts a long time! another bonus) and have been using Rid while I track down another tube of “The Locals” and the kids are coming home covered in bites again and asking “when can we buy that other stuff again”

Alison, Mackay Queensland

Came across this product when we stopped off at a cafe in Balingup. Wow it’s awesome!
Mosquitoes love us & I hated using those horrible, smelly repellants on my kids & myself. This not only smells great, it also works!! We take the lotion everywhere with us and highly recommend it to everyone. My friends are always asking where i got it and they make a note of the online details. It repels but if you have been bitten before you get to apply it, it works wonderfully at calming the itch & heat. So you don’t end up with the horrible welt. Love it love it love it!
I will be purchasing some for myself today, while recommending our local outlets at Dundee beach and Sandpalms Motel stock it.

Thank you for a great product!!


We were unfortunate to stay in a motel which had bed bugs. Mozzie Stuff stopped the itches and swellings so much that we were able to get some sleep….. Thanks heaps for Mozzie Stuff

Richard Hupfield

Love the smell, and this works really well.
Lots of mozzies and sandflies don’t harass me any more

Christine Cattanach

I was introduced to this fabulous product a few years ago when attacked by midges and in extreme discomfort and pain, ONE dose of this cream and the effect was immediate, I went out and bought it straight away. I recommend it to all I meet. Good work.

Christine Graham, Central Coast NSW

I came across your stuff about 2 months ago and my family use it all the time. My son really gets eaten by sandflies really badly on the legs and was badly scarred. Since we have been using the lotion on his legs the scarring has really cleared up and it really takes the itch out of the bits. So thank-you for making this incredible lotion for us to use. We all swear by it “IT’S GREAT” thank-you

Heather Johnson-Cassidy

This stuff was the ONLY thing that worked to stop the sandflys @ the itch at Ningaloo camping. Excellent!


We bought Sandfly and Mozzie Stuff cream at Townsville last year while riding round Australia on our motorcycles. What a relief to find really good stuff that actually works in a good way! Now we are buying up more for all our grandkids as well. Their parents like the effectiveness of this product and how it is Deet free.

Diane, Albany, WA. 6330

HI. Just wanted to let you know that we just love the product. Unfortunately we got our tube confiscated at the airport in Bali. Would love to know where we can get another tube as it is by far the best anti itch cream on the market. Also great as a repellent. The mosquito s were quite bad in Bali so we took the cream everywhere. It was fantastic.

Cath St. Quintin

We travelled around Australia in our ‘deluxe’ van and whilst camping at Cleaverville near Karratha, we were overcome by midges that penetrated our van thru the flyscreens. Thats when we discovered ‘The Locals’. Recently my 15 mth twin granddaughters in Sydney have suffered acute mozzie bites and ‘The Locals’ has been extremely effective and now a necessity in their house.

Dian Pond, 25 Kilborn Pl. Menai NSW 2234

This product Truly works for me. I have very bad allergic reactions from all insect bites plus flies and ants.
Absolutely Nothing has ever given me relief from all bites as much as your product has.
I am so glad I found “The Locals” in Derby and, knowing I can buy online is an added bonus while we continue our
travels around Australia, I will never be without your product again.

Ted & Ronda, Travelling

reading about how bad mozzies can be in bali, I went on the search for a product. What I found was yours!
Ordered online and delivered in no time at all.
Every afternoon our family 1 yr old , 3 yr old mum and dad did a once over with the spray.
Not a bite between us for 8 days.
People dining at the very next table were squatting away and asking for repellant.
Your product is amazing. I’m referring it to everyone

Cherrie Baker, Melbourne

55000 kms travelling bush tracks sees lots of bities, but thanks to “the locals sandfly and mozzie stuff” not only did I survive, but my skin enjoyed daily moisturing and my travelling companions enjoyed a sweeter smelling me!


thanks for a great product . works a treat .used it after years of dettol and baby oil and can vouch for its effectiveness. my wife and i have suffered for years and now can go to the places we avoided.

Chris Andrews

Love this product..Provides great protection without the dry itchy feeling of other products..kid friendly smells great.

Warner Family, Nowra

a friend loaned me a tube of the cream for my son who is attacked by mozzies at school & your stuff works like nothing else I’ve tried!

Georgina, Sydney

Absolutely brilliant deterrent and stops the itch, repels fleas and ants as well, smells wonderful thank you for this excellent non-toxic product

Chris Kirk

I was at Onslow being eaten alive I bought MOZZIE STUFF from caravan park shop I was in heaven went on to Broome where I get eaten alive came home with only 2 bites instead of 22 as before love it recommend it by heaps for friends can not praise it enough

Patricia Henderer

As well as being an effective weapon against those pesky insects, try this one for prickly heat. It works!

Betty Davies

I have had the worst mosquito plague to hit our region for many years, and have tried everything (burning coils, burning citronella oil, and other lotions and potions) I was given some of your product last night to try out, and I was amazed. I sat outside at sunset, and everyone around me was slapping themselves, but not me.
I will be purchasing some for myself today, while recommending our local outlets at Dundee beach and Sandpalms Motel stock it.
Thank you for a great product!!


This is the only one that works, put it on before going into the garden, if you forget an application will stop the itch and reduce the swelling

Helen Rocks

Finally I have found something that works….I am travelling at the moment and have been putting the cream on and have NOT been eaten alive…(: like normal it’s not greasy it’s the best ever….my husband has been attacked by sandflys cos he’s using bushmans or nothing…I’m on my last day of cream all finished should have bought in bulk….thanks locals…best ever..(:


I first used the lotion in WA and have moved to QLD where I could not buy it so I have made the decision to buy in bulk and on sell because it is so good. Where I work, we get eaten alive by sandflies. It works so well.

Lenore Postans

Looks as though you don’t need any more recommendations from me!!! I was really skeptical when I first bought a spray bottle thinking only DEET could keep insects away. After using Mossie and Sandfly Stuff in the Victorian bush for a fortnight I am totally convinced your stuff is the greatest. March flies were driving us insane and stinging like crazy too. Now we are march fly free, smell gorgeous and our itching legs are cured. We can now prospect for gold in peace.

Sarah Stockings, Australia

Hi Folks,
I cannot speak highly enough about The Locals, mozzie & sand-fly ointment.

When travelling around Australia (for 18mths) we came across The Locals while in Alice Springs. I am ALWAYS the one who gets bitten by Mozzies, and for days afterwards I itch and scratch until I bleed.

I have tried EVERYTHING to prevent and stop the bites itching; The Locals is the ONLY treatment that works. When in Broome, I was eaten alive, because I forgot to put on The Locals, once I treated the bites, the itch stopped. Each time the itch returned, as it always does, I would use the ointment & NO MORE itch. My skin has NO scars, because I don’t scratch & infect the bites.

I have recommended The Locals to many of my friends, and they now also swear by the stuff!

And another bonus for the ointment, it doesn’t make me smell like citronella. yaye!

Keep up the fantastic work.

Oh, and by the way, is there any place in Sydney that sells the stuff? I cant find any on your website.

Thanks heaps,
Selma ?

Selma Janet McGoram

Best thing I have ever bought. Thank you ?


thank you for the sandfly and mozzie spray. I was suffering with over 100 bites and it helped soothe my skin almost instantly and made the rest of our trip a lot easier.

Margaret Studley, cooktown

I’ve been using the locals stuff for about 7 years and I will never go back to any other repellant ever! I absolutely love it – no awful smell, no irritation, so easy to put on and most importantly…no mozzies and no sandflies! I don’t miss those bites one little bit!

Gemma Williams

We’ve been coming up to Port Douglas for 12 + years and my husband has always been very susceptible to sandfly bites or stings. He has tried every possible remedy available over the years – we have many different half used tubes, jars, bottles around! They just didn’t work.
Then we discovered The Locals while up in Broome Sept 2011.
Wow! What a relief for Max. This was a wonderful discovery.
He has been through 4 tubes while we’ve been up here in Port and he puts it on every morning.
NO BITES. No discomfort. No itching.


PS He went to Mossman to get another 2 tubes yesterday.

Penny Hudson

I used this when in NQ about 18 months because I always get bitten to bits, and it worked really well, smelt good and didn’t contain nasties. I found it in the chemist in Mareeba, unfortunately when I went back for another one they said they had only had a few samples in from your rep and had sold out. Hope they are stocking it now, otherwise hope I can buy it in Cairns.

P Davies

Love your product – took it to PNG for the Kokoda Trek and Chile – didn’t come home as my brother acquired it.


Thank you for making such effective stuff. Yes it works so well and i have been using it since i bought a tube 7-8 years ago up in a tourist info centre in western aust and have used it on everything and any bite. My grown children use on their children for bites and so i buy 12 tubes every time. Yes I love it

Jenny Peters

We provide childcare for our 4 grandchildren aged 6mths (we apply lightly to his legs and clothes only) to 4yrs and The Locals ‘Sandfly and Mozzie Stuff’, which we purchased while on holidays at Swan Hill, is the most effective and child friendly insect repellant product we have used and best of all, it is Australian. It would be great if we could purchase this product in Brisbane.

Lynette Inglis

We obtained you’re Sandfly & Mozzie Stuff Insect Repellent Lotion from an elderly couple while we were traveling in Australia in 2014 and they laid eyes on our daughter who was, at that point, covered with swollen mosquito bites she obtained at the previous campsite we had visited. Apparently her body can’t handle them very well. The lotion worked perfectly for her to remove the itches, it’s friendly on our daughter’s skin and it repels the dutch mosquito’s just as well as the Australian ones. And it doesn’t contain any DEET.

willem Delnooz, The Netherlands

I have used this product for that many years now that I have just taken it for granted that when travelling, each vehicle, camper trailer and bathroom has a bottle of The Locals. My husband complains that I should have bought shares in the company. I am alergic to a few items & have very sensative skin. If someone is going to react to a chemical, Yep! It’s me. This is the best product I have found on the market yet. It takes that sting out of the bite and relieves the local area around the bite. I recommend it to everyone I know from Qld to WA. I have even introduced it to our workplace now as a substitute for other old fashioned, topical insect sprays which have limited effect on our local pests & bities. Great product!

Susan McLachlan

For the last 12 years we have been traveling from Elliott Heads in Qld to spend the winter further North , In all that time i have lost count of the number of products I have used to keep all the nasty little biting insects away from me, both at home and away, I have tried all the commercial products, all the home made products, pills potions and elixirs. This year i discovered your amazing product Sandfly and Mozzie Stuff. This has now become my new love affair. I cannot believe how effective your brilliant product is. If I do happen to get bitten by one of the awful little biting creatures, I apply the lotion immediately and get relief so quickly. I have recommended your product to more people than i can count and everyone is of the same opinion, its brilliant, it works and smells so lovely. Thankyou so much for inventing this amazing insect repellent, I am eternally grateful to you.

Jenny Kilsby, Elliot Head QLD

This is the best product we have ever used to repel & heal Sand Fly Bites. We live in Rainbow Beach QLD. I am telling everyone about “The Locals”

Julie Hewitt

Your 2in1 lotion has been a lifesaver for me! Ever since finding out I was pregnant I have had really itchy legs. Nothing the doctor prescribed offered relief and no vitamin E creams, cocoa butter or oatmeal lotions worked either. I was going insane with the itchiness. Then I was about 18weeks pregnant and on the way to the beach one afternoon when I stopped at a local store and bought your Sandfly and Mozzie stuff coz the LAST thing I wanted were insect bites to make me itch even more!!! But to my surprise it stopped my itchy legs altogether!!! Now I’m 30weeks pregnant and use the lotion every morning and night after showering and hardly get itchy at all. You’ve saved my sanity these last few months and allowed me to enjoy the pregnancy after all. Thanks!

Rita Pitlo

whilst camping this weekend at warren national park we were besieged by March flies. tried the usual bug spray, not good. Popped into the local chemist in Pemberton who recommended your product. Worked a treat plus it feels good on your skin and smells divine! We used the cream and loved it, will definitely get some more.

Michelle Apedaile

Your wonder product has saved me from going insane with the continuous itch and the bites. Well done on this top invention, do you have larger containers? ?

Sharon Delosa

So tonight i was been eaten alive by mozzies at a bbq.. There was a regular tropical strength repellant which smells and feels like poison. I decided id rather be eaten alive. Then a friend who’d bought some back from A recent trip to QLD passed me this.. I was a bit skeptical about it, but i figured it wasnt going to be any worse.. OMG.. AMAZING.. NOT ONE MORE STING ALL NIGHT.. Now im here right after the bbq buying some for myself..

Samara, Victoria

I love your products and feel good letting the kids use them.


Would love some more

I used the sandfly and mozzie stuff lotion a few years ago and it was excellent. I am now in the UK and would love some more. I have emailed your company three times and had no reply. Whilst your products are excellent, your customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Why have a contact form if you ignore it? A reply would be gratefully received. Thank You.

christine collins