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Our independent, progressive manufacturing facilities are amongst the most capable and technologically advanced in the industry. We have the capacity to produce batches up to 4,400 kg that’s 22,000 tubes of Sandfly and Mozzie Stuff.

Here’s just a quick snapshot of what happens when we start production …

All incoming raw materials and packaging are quarantined pending rigorous testing for quality and compliance with specifications.

Once released from quarantine, dispensed raw materials are stored securely in a temperature/controlled environment before introduction to the production process.

Each step of production is closely monitored by a computerised system designed specifically for the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical and veterinary industries.  This system controls temperature and all phases and processes of manufacture, and generates comprehensive records of every batch we produce.

Manufacturing The Locals

Manufacturing Quality Assurance

We believe that quality is a philosophy that should permeate and penetrate everything we do during our manufacturing process. From the simplest to the most complex parts of the process, we place the highest possible priority on our standards and our reputation.

Our manufacturing plant is fully compliant with the regulatory requirements by the Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA) and The Australian Pest, Veterinary and Medicine Association (APVMA), ensuring production of The Sandfly and Mozzie Stuff always meets the stringent standards that regulate our products.

  • Our dedicated Quality Control Laboratory tests all incoming raw materials and packaging components for compliance with rigid specifications, before their release to the production process;
  • Continuous testing of purified air and water quality systems are maintained throughout our production facility;
  • Our products are tested to meet specifications for viscosity, pH, colour, odour and product integrity prior to filling and sealing; and
  • Rigorous testing on our finished products ensures that they are free from micro-organisms and other contaminants.

Supporting data and technical information is held on file and can be found either here on our site or at request, these include

  • Ingredient Lists
  • Specs and other data on raw materials
  • Validation of Manufacturing Process, includes Validation Protocol
  • Validation of Filling Process
  • Validation of Assay Method
  • Assay of Active Ingredient
  • Certificate of Analysis on finished goods
  • Supply of the finished goods Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Finished Product Specifications
  • Finished Product Stability tests and results
  • Finished Product Efficacy tests and results
  • Scientific and documented evidence to support therapeutic claims with TGA

    Manufacturing The Locals

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