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8 Places to Use the Locals Repellent across Australia 

Australia is home to a suspected 300 species of mosquitoes, and they are not known to be picky in their choice of habitat- just as long as there’s water. From the tropics of Queensland to the deserts of Western Australia, we’ve pinpointed exactly where you’ll want to arm yourself with our trusty mozzie repellent.  

Queensland: The Daintree and Wet Tropics 

8 Places to Use the Locals Repellent across Australia  The Locals
Venture into the ancient rainforests of Queensland’s north. This expansive rainforest is over 130 million years old, making it the oldest in the world. Here, emerald canopies and cascading waterfalls make for a mesmerizing adventure. But beware, rainforests are known for their abundance of water, and with that comes an abundance of mosquitoes. So before stepping into this wild wonderland, be sure to spray! 

Western Australia: Black Diamond Lake 

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Take a 2-hour drive southeast from Perth, and discover Black Diamond Lake, once a mine site, now abandoned and filled with water creating a glistening blue lake. Being an artificial lake, the water has minimal movement making it an ideal location for mosquito breeding. Not to worry, stay bite-free and adventure-ready with our repellent! 

Northern Territory: Mangrove Forests 

8 Places to Use the Locals Repellent across Australia  The Locals

Explore the twisting roots and salty waters of the Northern Territory’s mangrove Forests.  Approximately 35% of mangrove forests throughout Australia are located within the Northern Territory. With its often-humid climate and water-logged soil, mangrove forests become prime real estate for mosquitoes. Explore the coastal wonders whilst keeping mozzies at bay. 

New South Wales: Hawkesbury River 

8 Places to Use the Locals Repellent across Australia  The Locals

Stretching an impressive 120 kilometres across Sydney’s North, Hawkesbury River is surrounded by wineries, national parks and orchards, making it the perfect serene getaway. Camp on the water’s edge or swim in the cool waters as the sun sets, all without the annoyance of itchy arms and legs.  

Tasmania: Takayna/Tarkine  

8 Places to Use the Locals Repellent across Australia  The Locals
This stunning rainforest located in Tasmania’s northwest is home to a diverse array of unique flora and fauna. Known to have possibly the cleanest air in the world, the Takayna is a sight to behold.  Enjoy the natural wonders knowing that the Locals have your back. 

Victoria: Barmah National Park 

8 Places to Use the Locals Repellent across Australia  The Locals
Home to waterways and forests and a one-stop shop for all your adventuring needs, Barmah National Park has it all. As you camp out along the riverbank under the famous river red gums, from sunrise to sunset immerse yourself fully without the worry of mozzie bites.  

South Australia: The Coorong, and Lakes Alexandrina and Albert 

8 Places to Use the Locals Repellent across Australia  The Locals

Forming part of the Coorong National Park, these wetlands are home to a variety of threatened Australian natives such as the orange-bellied parrot. Wetlands are common hubs for mosquitoes as the ground often remains flooded or saturated with water making it an ideal spot for breeding. Whether you’re camping, fishing or boating, enjoy the outdoors to the fullest without a thought for pesky mozzies.  


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Hop on a plane and fly two hours north to the scenic beach town of Broome. Head down to Cable Beach for a unique and relaxing experience…camel rides! As you sway down the coastline on camel-back be sure to give yourself a spritz to keep the sandflies at bay. 

A little goes a long way with Locals repellent and all it takes is one bottle to make a real difference to your Australian getaway, no matter which state you choose to travel in.  

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