For the last 12 years we have been traveling from Elliott Heads in Qld to spend the winter further North , In all that time i have lost count of the number of products I have used to keep all the nasty little biting insects away from me, both at home and away, I have tried all the commercial products, all the home made products, pills potions and elixirs. This year i discovered your amazing product Sandfly and Mozzie Stuff. This has now become my new love affair. I cannot believe how effective your brilliant product is. If I do happen to get bitten by one of the awful little biting creatures, I apply the lotion immediately and get relief so quickly. I have recommended your product to more people than i can count and everyone is of the same opinion, its brilliant, it works and smells so lovely. Thankyou so much for inventing this amazing insect repellent, I am eternally grateful to you.

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