Hi Folks,
I cannot speak highly enough about The Locals, mozzie & sand-fly ointment.

When travelling around Australia (for 18mths) we came across The Locals while in Alice Springs. I am ALWAYS the one who gets bitten by Mozzies, and for days afterwards I itch and scratch until I bleed.

I have tried EVERYTHING to prevent and stop the bites itching; The Locals is the ONLY treatment that works. When in Broome, I was eaten alive, because I forgot to put on The Locals, once I treated the bites, the itch stopped. Each time the itch returned, as it always does, I would use the ointment & NO MORE itch. My skin has NO scars, because I don’t scratch & infect the bites.

I have recommended The Locals to many of my friends, and they now also swear by the stuff!

And another bonus for the ointment, it doesn’t make me smell like citronella. yaye!

Keep up the fantastic work.

Oh, and by the way, is there any place in Sydney that sells the stuff? I cant find any on your website.

Thanks heaps,
Selma 🙂

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