We recently took our first tube of ‘The locals’ to Vietnam to cover our young family as well as the biggest mozzie attractor in the world in the shape of my wife. Having a 1 year old we were keen to avoid any deet product and I have to say that this product was a pleasure to use as the scent was zesty and non chemical smelling. Most importantly it worked a treat 95% of the time. Yes we got a few odd bites however it was probably from having very sweaty skin and not reapplying more repellent when needed. The one evening I forgot to apply the repellent, I was seriously munched on as was my wife. Not something you want in a Vietnam. This product performs the best out of the non deet repellents we’ve tried and we’ve tried them all! We will be buying more to replace the many cans of Bushmans we own.

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