Would love some more

I used the sandfly and mozzie stuff lotion a few years ago and it was excellent. I am now in the UK and would love some more. I have emailed your company three times and had no reply. Whilst your products are excellent, your customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Why have a […]

So tonight i was been eaten alive by mozzies at a bbq.. There was a regular tropical strength repellant which smells and feels like poison. I decided id rather be eaten alive. Then a friend who’d bought some back from A recent trip to QLD passed me this.. I was a bit skeptical about it, […]

Your wonder product has saved me from going insane with the continuous itch and the bites. Well done on this top invention, do you have larger containers? ?

whilst camping this weekend at warren national park we were besieged by March flies. tried the usual bug spray, not good. Popped into the local chemist in Pemberton who recommended your product. Worked a treat plus it feels good on your skin and smells divine! We used the cream and loved it, will definitely get […]

Your 2in1 lotion has been a lifesaver for me! Ever since finding out I was pregnant I have had really itchy legs. Nothing the doctor prescribed offered relief and no vitamin E creams, cocoa butter or oatmeal lotions worked either. I was going insane with the itchiness. Then I was about 18weeks pregnant and on […]

This is the best product we have ever used to repel & heal Sand Fly Bites. We live in Rainbow Beach QLD. I am telling everyone about “The Locals”

For the last 12 years we have been traveling from Elliott Heads in Qld to spend the winter further North , In all that time i have lost count of the number of products I have used to keep all the nasty little biting insects away from me, both at home and away, I have […]

I have used this product for that many years now that I have just taken it for granted that when travelling, each vehicle, camper trailer and bathroom has a bottle of The Locals. My husband complains that I should have bought shares in the company. I am alergic to a few items & have very […]

We obtained you’re Sandfly & Mozzie Stuff Insect Repellent Lotion from an elderly couple while we were traveling in Australia in 2014 and they laid eyes on our daughter who was, at that point, covered with swollen mosquito bites she obtained at the previous campsite we had visited. Apparently her body can’t handle them very […]